My Blogging Experience So Far.

Hi again, just taking a quick minute to talk about how much I have learned from this blogging experience and how much I enjoy sharing my crafts with you! I have always been interested in crafting but it has always been a secret hobby that I have enjoyed by myself. Now that I am blogging my projects I have an even bigger interest in blogging and an interest in promoting myself as a blogger and just a creative person in general! Using wordpress has probably been the easiest and most effective tool I have used to promote myself lately. Ive enjoyed promoting myself on wordpress over other social media websites because I feel that I can have a voice to a lot of different viewers. I am an “expert” of my own crafts and people other than my close friends and family (who I already had on twitter prior to this blog) can relate to me. I also found Storify to be a very interesting and surprisingly easy way to share what I like about different social media websites. I intent on improving my Storify skills and incorporating it in my blog more often! I think sharing my ideas and interest with others could also be a good way to show future employers that I have an interest in something constructive and that I am creative in my own way. (Hopefully from writing blogs my writing skills will improve also and I’m sure employers would appreciate a girl with an interest in writing correctly and professionally) Over all wordpress has taught my a lot about blogging terms and how to navigate different social media websites which can be very beneficial to me! The idea of branding myself has grown on me I hope I can successfully promote myself in a way that shows people the real me!

One of my favorite quotes!

One of my favorite quotes!


P.S Wanna learn more about me? Check out my Pintrest, view my boards and see what other interests I have other than DIY and Goodwill shopping!




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