My Holiday Project!

Hi There! I decided to do a holiday project because Christmas is coming up and my apartment was lacking holiday cheer! I don’t own a Christmas tree and didn’t really want to buy one because ill be going home to my parents house soon and I wouldn’t have anywhere to store the tree the other 11 months out of the year. So I went on a goodwill adventure to see what simple decorations I could find that would perk up my apartment. Here’s a picture of what I walked out of goodwill with all for $11!

holiday b 2

My Goodwill finds!

<——Here you can see that I got a tall wire tree, a (rather sad looking) wreath a bag of pinecones and a big red bow!

holiday b 3

Here’s what I got at Hobby Lobby!

                                                                                                                   To revamp these items and put my own personal touch on them I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few things! I picked up some red and gold berry and “sparkles” to add to the wreath. I also got a sheet of white felt that resembles fake snow. Along with a small can of gold spray paint. My total at Hobby Lobby was $8.

The first thing I did was fix the wreath up a little, it needed some serious help! For inspiration I looked up a craft blog of someone making a holiday wreath using direction and ideas from my favorite crafter Martha Stewart! I shaped the branches it already had and cut apart the berries and “sparkle” pieces I bought at Hobby Lobby. It was super easy, I only used a small amount of hot glue and it only took about 15 minutes! Below is a picture of how it turned out!

I love my Holiday wreath, it added a touch of Christmas that I needed in my apartment! Tomorrow I am going to post pictures of how I used the rest of the Christmas decorations I bought from Goodwill! Be sure to check back in!


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