Holiday Project Continued!

Well Hello Again! Yesterday I posted the first part of my holiday project which was a Christmas wreath that I found at goodwill and perked up.  Now as promised I am posting what I did with all the other holiday finds I got from my latest Goodwill trip. The items I have left are the red bow, the metal tree and the pinecones! Not much had to be done to the metal tree I loved it the way it was so I fluffed the bow up and attached it to the top of the tree! Below is a pic!

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As you can see I laid down the sheet of felt to look like snow and sprinkled some pinecones in the snow around the tree. I feel like pinecones are so festive and they always remind me of Christmas but I wanted to incorporate some gold since those are the colors I chose for the project. Check out the video below to see how I accomplished this!

Spray paint is one of my very best friends 😉 It is an easy way to transform almost anything. I got the idea of spray painting pine cones while on pintrest! I came across this picture and loved it! So there are my little Christmas projects, it isn’t much but on a college budget (of $19 all together) I brought some holiday cheer to my apartment! I love the feeling of Christmas and since I can’t be at home with our tree I wanted to feel some Christmas spirit in my apartment, I think I was successful, don’t you?!

 Finished Product!

Finished Product!


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