Spruced up Coffee Table

Hello there! Now that the internet at my apartment is working and I’ve figured out how to upload my pictures, I can show you my latest project.

So for this project, I decided to add a little something to this bare coffee table. 5 (3)

Here are my goodwill finds for this project!4

I recently took a trip back to my hometown (Amarillo, Texas) and decided to visit the goodwill while I was there. I found this BEAUTIFUL mirror and a stand to display it on while I was there! (Big thanks to my mom and sister for helping me with this find) The lampshade I found at the goodwill in San Marcos is actually from Ikea (Love them) so that was a pretty cool find too. In Austin at the Goodwill Outlet (I had no idea there was such a thing) I found the tile, which I thought had a very pretty design on it!

With a little bit of ribbon and some chalkboard paint, I ended up with this!

The shorter, square lampshade is so much more fun than the cookie cutter shade the lamp came with, and I love the little touch of color in the chevron ribbon at the bottom. I was so excited to find the mirror, I love the elegance of it, but I thought it would make more sense on the coffee table as a chalkboard. I used a couple of coats of chalkboard paint that I already had in my craft closet and It turned out great! (click here to view the “how-to” I referenced to paint the mirror) The rough, imperfect condition of the tile in contrast with it’s pretty design was gorgeous so I decided to leave the tile how it was and use it as a coaster!

So here’s the total cost of everything:

Mirror and stand: $3.50, Lamp shade: $1.99, Tile: $1.50, Ribbon: $1.99. Which brings the total of this project (not including materials I re-used from other projects) to $8.98!

I’m super excited about the finds and the transformations I did for this project, especially the mirror turned chalkboard, it was antique looking and elegant, which was a perfect addition to our living room! Also I got everything for under $10 which made me very happy!

I’ve been working on some wall decorations the past couple of days, hopefully I can make a post tomorrow, in the midst of studying for midterms! Be sure to check back in!


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