So just an update on how my current project is going: It’s complete! However I’m having a little trouble posting pictures at the moment so when I get this kink worked out I will make a new post! (The new iPhone update is making me upload pictures differently and I havent quite figured it out)

Anyway, I’m already planning out another project for some window treatments, we desperately need curtains! However, the only ones I could find at goodwill were plain white. This is a problem! So, I decided to consult some expert DIY-ers, via twitter. Here’s the Tweet!

I love buzzfeeddiy (click to visit their twitter page) because they post tons of tweets on DIY projects, and I am CONSTANTLY on twitter so it’s an easy way to get inspiration. There are also a few other bloggers/DIY-ers that I really love check up on regularly, you can find their links under my “Links” tab. The first link is for a blog called “If it’s not Baroque” and she’s got tons of great posts. She also features other people’s projects on her blog, in the interest of passing around ideas and just sharing the joys of crafting with others!

I’ll keep you updated on if I hear anything back from bussfeeddiy!

Check in with me tomorrow, I should be able to get my latest project’s post up! Happy Friday everyone!


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