TV Stand Transfomation

image (2)Hello there! Its been awhile since my last post I know but between class, homework and job searching I hadn’t had much time to do any crafting and make a post! I decided to take on an easier project as my first one so I chose to add a little something to my very bare TV stand! One of the easiest ways to add interest to something bland is through texture and color! So the main thing I was on the lookout for during my stroll through Goodwill was warm homey colors and mismatched textured frames. To the right is a photo of my finds for the day (not the best quality I know, It’s the best my iPhone could do) My inspiration for mis-matching the frames came from THIS picture I found on Pintrest (I love, love, love pintrest) The frames I have chosen for my livingroom are of course nothing like the ones in the linked picture, but I love matching different sizes and colors together for the rustic, earth-tone look I’m going for. So for my TV stand I found 3 picture frames,One black with really cute “chandelier” texture on it, one that resembles something like bamboo in light brown, and a large gold frame. The Green vase was an exciting find, it’s a great color and its got little hits of brown to really pull together the colors in the frames and in the brown tray I found, which happens to be my favorite purchase.

image  After discovering great finds at Goodwill, I headed to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart to purchase my project “enhancers.” (as I like to call them)  I bought some dark yellow vanilla scented candles for the brown tray, and some awesome scrapbook paper to put in the frames to add color! The flower arrangement filler (not sure what the proper name is) I recycled from another project I did a couple of months ago. Some other items else I used that I already had are cork board pieces (not pictured) that are intended for hanging on the wall however untill this project I hadn’t had much use for them. My enhancers are shown in the picture on the left!

Now that I’ve explained my finds, on to the fun part, below are my before and after pictured for my first project!


Isnt that so much better?! You can see I added the cork board under everything for added texture and a layering look, I also love the miss matched frames with the different colored paper inside. I’m really pleased to say that all of my Goodwill finds came together just how I wanted them to. I also gave  some books and magazines a home on either side of the TV to add some color and give the stand a little more purpose! My ending total including all of my Goodwill finds and the enhancers I bought (not including flowers and cork board since I already had those) is…….$15.35! Which is AMAZING considering that just one picture frame at Hobby Lobby could cost $15 by itself!

I am extremely happy with the way my TV stand turned out, it may seem like a tiny upgrade but sometimes it’s the little things in design that can make the most impact! Here in the next few days I’ll make another trip to Goodwill and report  to you my new finds! Ya never know what I’ll redesign next, make sure to check back in!



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