Why Design?

Many people (usually men) ask why design? Why spend the extra money? Why take the time? I have a couple answers, one of them is simply because it’s fun! Decor design is one of the only forms of art that I’m actually good at! I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life but making something new out of something old poses fun challenges and opens my mind to creativity. Another reason why I like to design is because I LOVE color! Colors stimulate the mind, they have been proven to alter mood and the even the body, which is why I enjoy bright and happy colors.

Being a transfer student I just moved into a brand new apartment. The apartment was fully furnished and my roomimage (1)imageates have added a few things but as you can see (in the pictures to the right) it’s still a little dull.  The living room could really use a pop of color and some design. Every post that I add will feature a before picture of the current project space, pictures of my finds from Goodwill, pictures of things I use to enhance my finds, an after picture and an ending total of how much everything cost. Seeing as though I am a broke college student all projects will cost under 20 dollars.

Inspiration for my projects will come in large part from my favorite design channel, and favorite design website HGTV . Here you can find decorating tips, new color combinations and design techniques. Most of the materials used on the website aren’t from Goodwill, which makes it all the more fun to find and recreate cheap pieces, using expensive design as the inspiration.  I’ll also find inspiration on YouTube, I’ll repost videos that I referenced on different craft techniques, so that you can create the same thing!

Make sure you check out my next post to see what my first project is! I’m going shopping!


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