My Blogging Experience So Far.

Hi again, just taking a quick minute to talk about how much I have learned from this blogging experience and how much I enjoy sharing my crafts with you! I have always been interested in crafting but it has always been a secret hobby that I have enjoyed by myself. Now that I am blogging my projects I have an even bigger interest in blogging and an interest in promoting myself as a blogger and just a creative person in general! Using wordpress has probably been the easiest and most effective tool I have used to promote myself lately. Ive enjoyed promoting myself on wordpress over other social media websites because I feel that I can have a voice to a lot of different viewers. I am an “expert” of my own crafts and people other than my close friends and family (who I already had on twitter prior to this blog) can relate to me. I also found Storify to be a very interesting and surprisingly easy way to share what I like about different social media websites. I intent on improving my Storify skills and incorporating it in my blog more often! I think sharing my ideas and interest with others could also be a good way to show future employers that I have an interest in something constructive and that I am creative in my own way. (Hopefully from writing blogs my writing skills will improve also and I’m sure employers would appreciate a girl with an interest in writing correctly and professionally) Over all wordpress has taught my a lot about blogging terms and how to navigate different social media websites which can be very beneficial to me! The idea of branding myself has grown on me I hope I can successfully promote myself in a way that shows people the real me!

One of my favorite quotes!

One of my favorite quotes!


P.S Wanna learn more about me? Check out my Pintrest, view my boards and see what other interests I have other than DIY and Goodwill shopping!




Future Projects!

Merry Christmas! Okay it is a little early to be using a Christmas greeting but after my last two holiday projects I am filled with Christmas cheer to say the least! If I could I would spend all of my time and money on Christmas DIY projects….however since I am a college students and need to eat, I can only research and plan projects for the future! I already found a few DIY projects from different social media sites that I can’t wait to try! Not all of them directly include Goodwill shopping but at least some of  the materials for all of the projects can certainly be found at a local Goodwill! I created a story using storify to show you what the projects are and what I like about them. Check out my list and click the links to see the twitter pages, websites and instagram pages I found them on! Maybe you will find some new crafters to follow on social media! Let me know what you think about these projects! Which one should I try first?! Click below for the link to the storify page! Happy Holidays;)


Holiday Project Continued!

Well Hello Again! Yesterday I posted the first part of my holiday project which was a Christmas wreath that I found at goodwill and perked up.  Now as promised I am posting what I did with all the other holiday finds I got from my latest Goodwill trip. The items I have left are the red bow, the metal tree and the pinecones! Not much had to be done to the metal tree I loved it the way it was so I fluffed the bow up and attached it to the top of the tree! Below is a pic!

h b 6

As you can see I laid down the sheet of felt to look like snow and sprinkled some pinecones in the snow around the tree. I feel like pinecones are so festive and they always remind me of Christmas but I wanted to incorporate some gold since those are the colors I chose for the project. Check out the video below to see how I accomplished this!

Spray paint is one of my very best friends 😉 It is an easy way to transform almost anything. I got the idea of spray painting pine cones while on pintrest! I came across this picture and loved it! So there are my little Christmas projects, it isn’t much but on a college budget (of $19 all together) I brought some holiday cheer to my apartment! I love the feeling of Christmas and since I can’t be at home with our tree I wanted to feel some Christmas spirit in my apartment, I think I was successful, don’t you?!

 Finished Product!

Finished Product!

My Holiday Project!

Hi There! I decided to do a holiday project because Christmas is coming up and my apartment was lacking holiday cheer! I don’t own a Christmas tree and didn’t really want to buy one because ill be going home to my parents house soon and I wouldn’t have anywhere to store the tree the other 11 months out of the year. So I went on a goodwill adventure to see what simple decorations I could find that would perk up my apartment. Here’s a picture of what I walked out of goodwill with all for $11!

holiday b 2

My Goodwill finds!

<——Here you can see that I got a tall wire tree, a (rather sad looking) wreath a bag of pinecones and a big red bow!

holiday b 3

Here’s what I got at Hobby Lobby!

                                                                                                                   To revamp these items and put my own personal touch on them I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few things! I picked up some red and gold berry and “sparkles” to add to the wreath. I also got a sheet of white felt that resembles fake snow. Along with a small can of gold spray paint. My total at Hobby Lobby was $8.

The first thing I did was fix the wreath up a little, it needed some serious help! For inspiration I looked up a craft blog of someone making a holiday wreath using direction and ideas from my favorite crafter Martha Stewart! I shaped the branches it already had and cut apart the berries and “sparkle” pieces I bought at Hobby Lobby. It was super easy, I only used a small amount of hot glue and it only took about 15 minutes! Below is a picture of how it turned out!

I love my Holiday wreath, it added a touch of Christmas that I needed in my apartment! Tomorrow I am going to post pictures of how I used the rest of the Christmas decorations I bought from Goodwill! Be sure to check back in!

Hi there! Haven’t been able to post in a while but I have done a couple of projects. In my last post I said I was working on some wall decorations…..they didnt turn out the way I hoped. I planned to mount some album covers on mini canvas but the paint technique I used was somewhere in the realm of hideous. It was a great paint technique I found at a blog called Marisa Howard Design the colors I used however were all wrong.

On the bright side there was a project that I did finish successfully! I started with the vinyl records to the right ->image2

I decided to make bowls out of vinyl records I saw these on pintrest and found a how-to (the link for the how-to is in my last post) I melted the records over a glass bowl then pushed the record inside the bowl and shaped it the way I wanted! Below are the pictures of the process and pictures of how I decided to use my vinyl record bowls in my apartment! The bowls turned out awesome, their funky shape is super interesting and I get a lot of compliments on them! The best part is the records were only 50 cents at my local Goodwill! Now that’s what I call a successful goodwill transformation!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sneak Peak!

Hey, Hi, Hello! In my last post I told y’all I was working on some wall decorations. Completing the project is going to take longer than I though’t so im going to give you a litte sneak peek at the materials I’m using for the project!


Yes, those are vinyl record covers I picked up at a Goodwill in my hometown! I picked these two because I loved the old, used condition that they were in. The colors were also perfect for the living room, and I thought the names of the albums were cute and kind of funky! For this project I’m only using the record covers, BUT I found a really cute idea for the actual records! Here is the idea I found for a future project with the records! While your checking out that craft, look at some of the other crafts Stacey from Stars and Streetlights does! She is an awesome crafter and super creative!

I’m not going to share with you exactly what I am doing with the record covers (that’s a surprise) but I am really excited (and a little nervous) to see how it turns out when I’m finished! I am doing a few things I’ve never done before with this craft, but good or bad I’ll be sure to share it with you!

Be sure to check back with me in the next few days, to see how my project turns out! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Spruced up Coffee Table

Hello there! Now that the internet at my apartment is working and I’ve figured out how to upload my pictures, I can show you my latest project.

So for this project, I decided to add a little something to this bare coffee table. 5 (3)

Here are my goodwill finds for this project!4

I recently took a trip back to my hometown (Amarillo, Texas) and decided to visit the goodwill while I was there. I found this BEAUTIFUL mirror and a stand to display it on while I was there! (Big thanks to my mom and sister for helping me with this find) The lampshade I found at the goodwill in San Marcos is actually from Ikea (Love them) so that was a pretty cool find too. In Austin at the Goodwill Outlet (I had no idea there was such a thing) I found the tile, which I thought had a very pretty design on it!

With a little bit of ribbon and some chalkboard paint, I ended up with this!

The shorter, square lampshade is so much more fun than the cookie cutter shade the lamp came with, and I love the little touch of color in the chevron ribbon at the bottom. I was so excited to find the mirror, I love the elegance of it, but I thought it would make more sense on the coffee table as a chalkboard. I used a couple of coats of chalkboard paint that I already had in my craft closet and It turned out great! (click here to view the “how-to” I referenced to paint the mirror) The rough, imperfect condition of the tile in contrast with it’s pretty design was gorgeous so I decided to leave the tile how it was and use it as a coaster!

So here’s the total cost of everything:

Mirror and stand: $3.50, Lamp shade: $1.99, Tile: $1.50, Ribbon: $1.99. Which brings the total of this project (not including materials I re-used from other projects) to $8.98!

I’m super excited about the finds and the transformations I did for this project, especially the mirror turned chalkboard, it was antique looking and elegant, which was a perfect addition to our living room! Also I got everything for under $10 which made me very happy!

I’ve been working on some wall decorations the past couple of days, hopefully I can make a post tomorrow, in the midst of studying for midterms! Be sure to check back in!


So just an update on how my current project is going: It’s complete! However I’m having a little trouble posting pictures at the moment so when I get this kink worked out I will make a new post! (The new iPhone update is making me upload pictures differently and I havent quite figured it out)

Anyway, I’m already planning out another project for some window treatments, we desperately need curtains! However, the only ones I could find at goodwill were plain white. This is a problem! So, I decided to consult some expert DIY-ers, via twitter. Here’s the Tweet!

I love buzzfeeddiy (click to visit their twitter page) because they post tons of tweets on DIY projects, and I am CONSTANTLY on twitter so it’s an easy way to get inspiration. There are also a few other bloggers/DIY-ers that I really love check up on regularly, you can find their links under my “Links” tab. The first link is for a blog called “If it’s not Baroque” and she’s got tons of great posts. She also features other people’s projects on her blog, in the interest of passing around ideas and just sharing the joys of crafting with others!

I’ll keep you updated on if I hear anything back from bussfeeddiy!

Check in with me tomorrow, I should be able to get my latest project’s post up! Happy Friday everyone!

TV Stand Transfomation

image (2)Hello there! Its been awhile since my last post I know but between class, homework and job searching I hadn’t had much time to do any crafting and make a post! I decided to take on an easier project as my first one so I chose to add a little something to my very bare TV stand! One of the easiest ways to add interest to something bland is through texture and color! So the main thing I was on the lookout for during my stroll through Goodwill was warm homey colors and mismatched textured frames. To the right is a photo of my finds for the day (not the best quality I know, It’s the best my iPhone could do) My inspiration for mis-matching the frames came from THIS picture I found on Pintrest (I love, love, love pintrest) The frames I have chosen for my livingroom are of course nothing like the ones in the linked picture, but I love matching different sizes and colors together for the rustic, earth-tone look I’m going for. So for my TV stand I found 3 picture frames,One black with really cute “chandelier” texture on it, one that resembles something like bamboo in light brown, and a large gold frame. The Green vase was an exciting find, it’s a great color and its got little hits of brown to really pull together the colors in the frames and in the brown tray I found, which happens to be my favorite purchase.

image  After discovering great finds at Goodwill, I headed to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart to purchase my project “enhancers.” (as I like to call them)  I bought some dark yellow vanilla scented candles for the brown tray, and some awesome scrapbook paper to put in the frames to add color! The flower arrangement filler (not sure what the proper name is) I recycled from another project I did a couple of months ago. Some other items else I used that I already had are cork board pieces (not pictured) that are intended for hanging on the wall however untill this project I hadn’t had much use for them. My enhancers are shown in the picture on the left!

Now that I’ve explained my finds, on to the fun part, below are my before and after pictured for my first project!


Isnt that so much better?! You can see I added the cork board under everything for added texture and a layering look, I also love the miss matched frames with the different colored paper inside. I’m really pleased to say that all of my Goodwill finds came together just how I wanted them to. I also gave  some books and magazines a home on either side of the TV to add some color and give the stand a little more purpose! My ending total including all of my Goodwill finds and the enhancers I bought (not including flowers and cork board since I already had those) is…….$15.35! Which is AMAZING considering that just one picture frame at Hobby Lobby could cost $15 by itself!

I am extremely happy with the way my TV stand turned out, it may seem like a tiny upgrade but sometimes it’s the little things in design that can make the most impact! Here in the next few days I’ll make another trip to Goodwill and report  to you my new finds! Ya never know what I’ll redesign next, make sure to check back in!


Why Design?

Many people (usually men) ask why design? Why spend the extra money? Why take the time? I have a couple answers, one of them is simply because it’s fun! Decor design is one of the only forms of art that I’m actually good at! I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life but making something new out of something old poses fun challenges and opens my mind to creativity. Another reason why I like to design is because I LOVE color! Colors stimulate the mind, they have been proven to alter mood and the even the body, which is why I enjoy bright and happy colors.

Being a transfer student I just moved into a brand new apartment. The apartment was fully furnished and my roomimage (1)imageates have added a few things but as you can see (in the pictures to the right) it’s still a little dull.  The living room could really use a pop of color and some design. Every post that I add will feature a before picture of the current project space, pictures of my finds from Goodwill, pictures of things I use to enhance my finds, an after picture and an ending total of how much everything cost. Seeing as though I am a broke college student all projects will cost under 20 dollars.

Inspiration for my projects will come in large part from my favorite design channel, and favorite design website HGTV . Here you can find decorating tips, new color combinations and design techniques. Most of the materials used on the website aren’t from Goodwill, which makes it all the more fun to find and recreate cheap pieces, using expensive design as the inspiration.  I’ll also find inspiration on YouTube, I’ll repost videos that I referenced on different craft techniques, so that you can create the same thing!

Make sure you check out my next post to see what my first project is! I’m going shopping!